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Salutations all-

2009-02-09 09:56:46 by Blackwell

I've not been nearly as active on Newgrounds as I should be and given this spiffy new blog feature I may as well plop down my two cents for the wander to observe. I suppose for the past few years I've been nothing more than something of a lurk on this fine sight but that's something I plan on correcting perhaps even contribute an animation worthwhile? Eh, whatever the case I'm going to lay my hands on a trial version of flash and unleash the darkest most seldom used parts of my mind and soul upon the portal. Most of my life is spent merely going about the daily grind, yet not providing anything of worth aside from a meager paycheck quickly spent. I know there is more to me than this, I guess I've been too lethargic to really delve into myself and bring out what I know I'm capable. Hopefully I can finally put an end to this mindset and bring some light to those dim spots of my mind's eye. It won't be pretty at first while I gain my bearings on flash but I know it's something I have to do. Through my life I see what amounts to potential art in my mind, say I hear a song I like or hear an Idea or point of view that intrigues me, there's something that can be done to that. More often than not that inspiration goes by the wayside in lue of the simpler path of inaction. This is a behavior I need to bring to a stop lest I drive myself off the deep end. So with that said I'm going to get to work and perhaps I just may bring about something you all may enjoy. Wish me luck.

Ah by the by allow me to thank the crazed brilliance of one of newgrounds animators for shoving my rear into action. Most obliged, ma'm I owe you.